Business Law

Business law is the law that contains regulations and policies that govern the actions of a business.

  • Business Formation
  • Business Operations
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Non-profit Businesses
  • Merges and Acquisitions
  • Funding
  • Escrow Services


Business Formation

Business Formation is the important and initial step in the life of any business. The law that governs business formation covers the acts of people, partnerships and corporations when they file documents with their respective Departments of State.

Business Operations

Business operations are any actions the business takes in order to participate in commerce. This can be something small like purchasing a printer for the office or large like purchasing a factory.

Business Succession Planning

This is a comprehensive plan that will explicitly define the objectives of the Business owners for exiting the business as well as ensuring a smooth transition to the new ownership.

Non-profit Businesses

A non-profit organization is organized for reasons other than creating profit and no part of the organization's income is paid to its members, directors, or officers.

Merges and Acquisitions

A merger is what happens when two separate businesses or companies combine to form a new, joint organization. An acquisition is the takeover of one entity by another.


Legal funding means a transaction where a company makes a cash payment to a consumer in exchange for the right to receive some of the potential proceeds in a civil claim or action.

Escrow Services

An escrow is a financial instrument whereby two or more parties involved in a legal transaction deposit assets, documents, and/or money with an independent third party known as the escrow agent.